100 years {young at heart}


A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to photograph a big birthday celebration for Grandmother Thomasa .  Young at heart, and such a beautiful smile.  I don’t think I saw her one time not smiling and laughing with her family and friends!  She was greeted by family….and immediately we started taking family photos.  I know I was tired after that and I didn’t even have to smile lol.  A mariachi serenaded her, there was dinner, dancing, cake….but my favorite part of the evening was when all the family was introduced as individual families and they made their way into a circle around the dance floor.  Grandmother was announced last….what a beautiful sight….100 years of her life…surrounding her with their love.  I’m a sucker….I cried ❤  When it was time for me to head home….grandmother had just sat down for the evening.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY 100th  Grandmother Thomasa!!!

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Miss C {Weslaco High School senior ’14}


Being a photographer my job allows me to see the best in people.  Every year I am so blessed to meet the year’s current high school seniors.  Every single one has been sweet and very polite.  This week I got to shoot Miss C, a high school senior at Weslaco High.  Great things are in this young lady’s future 🙂

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Art Couture

Art Couture portrait session

Art Couture portrait session

Photographing children, families and high school seniors is my job…and I LOVE it!!!  My passion (what makes my heart sing) is art photography.  Because it brings me so much happiness to envision and produce I am now offering my clients “art couture” portrait sessions.  My hope is the beauty and surrealism of custom art couture portraits will bring you immense joy as well.

Art Couture portrait sessions will be a commissioned piece meaning we will have one or two planning sessions so we can dream up the perfect image.

We hang art in our homes all the time….why not let the art be someone we love ❤