Little Miss V {1st birthday}

first birthday shoot

This past Saturday was yet another crazy, windy spring day in South Texas. Balloons are not always a good idea lol.  It was the day before Mother’s Day and not thinking I walked in to HEB.  Crazy!!  They didn’t want to sell me regular balloons so they could save the helium for “special” balloons.  My sweet charms worked and I got 8 balloons.  One popped getting in to the car….no problem.  Two more on the way to shoot…uh oh.  Four more from car to setting up shoot.  Okay!!  One lone red balloon it is!

This is little Miss V’s 1st birthday sneak peek….what a DOLL!  Three clothing changes and she was still all smiles.  She kept hugging her little stuffed puppy and at the end of the session we even played peek a boo (last image)

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