Miss K {McHi Senior}

High School Senior

I’ve written…erased and re-written Miss K’s blog post a couple of times.  Not because I don’t know what to say….it’s because I don’t want to say too much and sound like a mushy girl 🙂  So here I go…..

I’ve photographed Miss K for the last two years.  The first time I meet Miss K, her mom and sister, I was blown away.  From “yes, ma’am” to “thank you ms laurie”  Honestly this is not a common occurrence now days, unless prompted by mom (I know this from experience with my own three boys lol)  Over the last two years Miss K and her sister have been willing models for all my crazy concept shoots I dream up.  And mom, D, is a joy to work with.  Always willing to help with the reflector, has wonderful input on photo shoots and can make a wonderful cup of cocoa 🙂  I meet dad a couple of months ago when we did a family session.  Quiet and sweet man….and very much loved by his wife and girls.

Long story short….this is why I love my job.  When clients become more like friends and family.

9726w 9746w 9816w

9758w 9860w 9898w 9992w 9998w

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