Senior 2015 Models Needed

High School Senior

model search

This year at Laurie Anne {portrait studios} we are doing something new and exciting!!  We are introducing our Senior Lux sessions.  And to kick it off we are accepting senior model applications from the class of 2015!  If you are interested email me ( and I will send you the application.  There is very limited space!  j

So just to give you a run down on what a Laurie Anne {portrait studio} model means.  In late July/early August we will have a group session with all the models!  Hair and makeup, snacks, photo shoot….fun!!  Then in September you will receive your swag bag….this will have all your info for the upcoming school year and other little surprises.  Photo below is a one item you will receive.  It’s a customized wallet box to hold your senior model cards in that you will pass out to your friends!

senior rep wallet box

Throughout your senior year you will have the opportunity to earn discounts on your prints, earn $ and even get your senior session free!

I look forward to talking to you soon!!!

~Laurie Anne

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