Mr & Mrs {#happilyeverarnold}


Part 1

Pre wedding & Ceremony

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting J & A’s wedding.  A’s older sister was a 2nd grader when I was a teacher’s asst MANY moons ago.  Very surreal to see that group of kids grown up!

We had such a great time at their wedding!!  Very relaxed atmosphere. The wedding venue (A’s grandma’s house) was beautifully decorated with bright punches of citrus hues.  The weather was amazing for South Texas May (even though there were some crazy gusts of wind….we won’t discuss that I had to use chip clips to hold my dress down the entire wedding lol).  Amazing families!!  Amazing bride and groom!!  Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them ❤

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Miss K {McHi Senior}

High School Senior

I’ve written…erased and re-written Miss K’s blog post a couple of times.  Not because I don’t know what to say….it’s because I don’t want to say too much and sound like a mushy girl 🙂  So here I go…..

I’ve photographed Miss K for the last two years.  The first time I meet Miss K, her mom and sister, I was blown away.  From “yes, ma’am” to “thank you ms laurie”  Honestly this is not a common occurrence now days, unless prompted by mom (I know this from experience with my own three boys lol)  Over the last two years Miss K and her sister have been willing models for all my crazy concept shoots I dream up.  And mom, D, is a joy to work with.  Always willing to help with the reflector, has wonderful input on photo shoots and can make a wonderful cup of cocoa 🙂  I meet dad a couple of months ago when we did a family session.  Quiet and sweet man….and very much loved by his wife and girls.

Long story short….this is why I love my job.  When clients become more like friends and family.

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Senior 2015 Models Needed

High School Senior

model search

This year at Laurie Anne {portrait studios} we are doing something new and exciting!!  We are introducing our Senior Lux sessions.  And to kick it off we are accepting senior model applications from the class of 2015!  If you are interested email me ( and I will send you the application.  There is very limited space!  j

So just to give you a run down on what a Laurie Anne {portrait studio} model means.  In late July/early August we will have a group session with all the models!  Hair and makeup, snacks, photo shoot….fun!!  Then in September you will receive your swag bag….this will have all your info for the upcoming school year and other little surprises.  Photo below is a one item you will receive.  It’s a customized wallet box to hold your senior model cards in that you will pass out to your friends!

senior rep wallet box

Throughout your senior year you will have the opportunity to earn discounts on your prints, earn $ and even get your senior session free!

I look forward to talking to you soon!!!

~Laurie Anne

Little Miss V {1st birthday}

first birthday shoot

This past Saturday was yet another crazy, windy spring day in South Texas. Balloons are not always a good idea lol.  It was the day before Mother’s Day and not thinking I walked in to HEB.  Crazy!!  They didn’t want to sell me regular balloons so they could save the helium for “special” balloons.  My sweet charms worked and I got 8 balloons.  One popped getting in to the car….no problem.  Two more on the way to shoot…uh oh.  Four more from car to setting up shoot.  Okay!!  One lone red balloon it is!

This is little Miss V’s 1st birthday sneak peek….what a DOLL!  Three clothing changes and she was still all smiles.  She kept hugging her little stuffed puppy and at the end of the session we even played peek a boo (last image)

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